WhiteFeet Hummingbird

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Transition to Open Source

I am planning to retire from supporting this program at some point soon. To that end, I have moved the code to an open-source site on GitHub If you are interested in taking over support for Hummingbird please let me know.

Registration for Downloads

Hummingbird is free. Please register with your name and email address.

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The Hummingbird Components are placed on the Extra tab in Rhino-Grasshopper

The Hummingbird solution includes a set of components for Rhino-Grasshopper and an add-in for Revit called ModelBuilder. The ModelBuilder tool is part of a general purpose tools set called The WhiteFeet Tools for Revit, which may be installed separately, and can be used instead of the add-in component provided with Hummingbird.

Some videos:
Push Grasshopper Geometry Into Revit - EvolveLab
Hummingbird Workflow 01 - Brian Lee
Hummingbird Revit - samson090281

For more information about the WhiteFeet Tools for Revit see: WhiteFeet Tools Purchases and Downloads Site.

Please Donate

It takes quite a bit of work to maintain and improve this tool, which is important to its many users.
If everyone would contribute a few dollars we can keep the project going.

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